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Talking Inheritance with Katrina Wybrow


Financial Windfall


When you receive an inheritance it can be a challenging time.   
Receiving an inheritance  may make life financially easier  but on the other hand dealing with the loss and the grief of losing a loved one, it can leave you with mixed feelings and a sense of overwhelm. 
The impact of tax, legal matters and procedures that apply to your financial windfall can be the last thing on your mind.During these times, it can be helpful to have someone with your best interests in mind, to help you ensure the best possible financial outcomes for you and your family.   
A trusted adviser who has the right legal and accountancy contacts to take you through the whole process seamlessly, who knows what needs to be done when, how and by whom. Speak to Katrina Wybrow today and she will guide you through the minefield of receiving an inheritance to a secure financial future.

Your personal Chief Financial officer - Katrina Wybrow


Hiring an experienced financial adviser as your outsourced Chief Financial Officer is a resourceful way to deal with some of the unique issues that an inheritor or someone who receives a windfall gain may face. 

By hiring an experienced financial adviser, in the vast majority of cases will be the most cost-effective solution for you. The outsourced CFO service we offer can give you the advantage of an experienced financial manager, and we can assist you to select the best of breed when it comes to building your team of other trusted advisers such as lawyers and accountants. It allows you to have the ability to hire the best advisers and have them properly briefed for the task at hand, without the costly mistakes that come with the wrong hire for your particular situation.
One of the great advantages of working with a firm like Wybrow & Associates is the money you can save by being well advised to take advantage of every opportunity available to you without making costly mistakes. This, in turn, will create the cash flow that can be used to fund your current lifestyle or reinvested for your future lifestyle needs, it is always your choice.


Specialist Aged Care Advice - Katrina Wybrow


The principal, Katrina Wybrow Dip FP CFP has over 25 years experience in financial advice and estate planning. 

What sets us apart is that we work closely with our client’s accountants and/or solicitors to ensure that our advice is relevant and consistent with all their current and future business arrangements and that all their advisers are in agreement with our recommendations.

Wybrow & Associates has a philosophy of active portfolio management. It is very important to assess what reward you are receiving for the risk being taken as asset sectors perform differently at various times in the market cycle. We believe however that the most critical area where we can add value for you and our existing clients is through structuring their portfolio tax effectively. We know that if assets are held in the correct and appropriate structures, this will create gains and savings that can be counted on year-on-year.

Investment markets change and while we respond to the changing economic conditions, it is important to understand that investments markets can never be guaranteed. 


Therefore structuring a portfolio correctly for an individual’s situation and making tax savings provides you and our current clients with reliable year-on-year growth and genuine savings, every year.